Your Dedicated Weightlifting area at Fitness Station

Are you an Olympic weightlifter, Powerlifter, or hardcore fan of the Big 3 lifts?

Our gym has a dedicated weightlifting area with ample space and heavy-duty equipment to help you safely and effectively challenge your body and SNATCH, CLEAN, PULL or PRESS some serious iron!

You need quality equipment

Train in our weightlifting area

You need a space to safely and effectively lift heavy weights, but your current gym is cramped and lacks the necessary equipment.

And the one barbell you really want to use has been stolen by a newbie kid doing curls in the squat rack!!!

Getting bigger and stronger is tough

You need the right weightlifting equipment

You’re tired of struggling to find open equipment or fighting for space to perform exercises.

Your form is suffering, and you’re not making the progress you want.

Another Power Rack, Chains, and some Bands would probably help.

Train your power lifts

Olympic Weightlifting Area

At Fitness Station gym, we understand the importance of having a dedicated weightlifting area.

Our space is designed to accommodate all types of lifts and equipment, from barbells to dumbbells and beyond.

You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and focus on your workout without worrying about bumping into others.

Set up for the perfect lift or pull

Specialised Eleiko Weightlifting Platform
& Hammer Strength Deadlifting Platform

With our weightlifting area, you can take your numbers to the next level. Get your next PB on our Eleiko lifting platform.

Our heavy-duty equipment and ample space allow you to perform big compound lifts safely and effectively.

You’ll see noticeable improvements in your strength and muscle definition in no time.

Move some massive iron on your key lifts

Squat - Bench - Deadlift - OHP

Join today and get access to our fully loaded weightlifting area:

  • Power Racks
  • Lifting Platforms
  • Olympic Bars
  • Olympic Benches
  • 5500kg of Olympic Discs
  • Barbells, EZ bars & Dumbells
  • Hammer Strength Plate Load Machines
  • Nautilus & Cybex Pin Select Machines
Increase your lift total

Pull, press and hip-hinge at Fitness Station Gym

Don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back from achieving your strongest lifts. You can Pull, Press and Hip-Hinge in our body-building gym.

Join Fitness Station gym, and take advantage of our dedicated weightlifting area to get superhero strong and increase your lifting numbers.

So don’t wait any longer – up your big lift numbers!

Ready To KickStart Your Fitness Transformation?

Don’t put it off any longer… let us help you get in the best shape of your life!

Take the first step in transforming your mind & body, and book your FREE trial at Fitness Station.

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